Understanding props in React

4 min read

Props is used in React to data exchange between components; from parent component to child component.

Understanding HTTP protocol

3 min read

HTTP protocol is the foundation of data exchange between web server and client. Without HTTP there is no interaction between you and Google. Lets recap the basic of HTTP in 2020!

WordPress recap in 2020

12 min read

WordPress in 2020? Yes. Still we love WordPress.

Can you override a plugin function in WordPress context?

1 min read

You can’t really “override” a function. If a function is defined, you can’t redefine or change it.

Questions and answers of node.js in 2020

11 min read

Before Node, Javascript only runs in the browser and there was no way to run Javascript on server or any other medium. Node brings this options where the developer can run Javascript codes outside of the browser, on any machines, any OS.